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Headband Prismatic Loupes (4.0X 5.0X 6.0X 7.0X 8.0X)

www.optical-world.com are professional optical products manufacturer and focusing on producing high quality dental loupes surgical loupes.

www.optical-world.com Binocular loupe can be applied in different fields, such as dental, surgery, veterinarians, pet hospitals and other needs increase as the work environment. In addition to effectively increase as to improve the working field of the environment, but also effectively reduce occupational diseases such as cervical pain from occurring.
Our reliable quality binocular magnifier, using the German SHOTT glass, lenses coated multilayer antireflection coatings, magnifying glass, reasonable design, light weight, large field of view, depth of field length, professionally designed magnifying glass frame, light weight, mild high, wear comfortable.
Prismatic (Kepler) Magnifier professional optical system, multiple sets of high quality optical lenses ensure magnifier image clearer, more pixels, the use of multi-chip optical lens optical system, greater magnification, magnifier magnifying Galileo slightly heavier than the weight,  so we also offering the headband style prismatic loupes,

• Razor-sharp, edge-to-edge clarity
• Extremely high resolution optics
• Lightweight design
• Multi-coated for: anti-glare, anti-fog and scratch-resistance
• Manufacturer direct pricing

uses a prism system, which offers very clear image. Camber hinge offers comfortable view angle. Prism system give you a wider field of view with maximum magnification. flip-upfunction, headband style,offer the maximum ease of use, combined with multi-functional capabilities, Available in a variety of magnification & working distances.

becasue the Kepler loupes is prismatic loupes, so they are hevary. regarding the normal eyewear style ,doctors will be uncomforable for a long time using. the headband style is a good design for optional. headband can be adjustable according to different size of users' head.

the headband style is good design, when need use the loupes, just plug the loupes on the headband, very easy, when you need the loupes on stork, just relaease the loupes from the headband putting on the bag.

regarding the headband prismatic surgical loupde dental loupes, there are two style headband

simples headband  and LB headband as below:



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www.optical-world.com.--- professional optical products manufactuer  , Focusing on producing high quality dental loupes surgical loupes and LED headlight, also supply optical lens, polarized lens, medical optics,laser safety optical products,sports optics and other optical products .  

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