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New Promotions

 New promotions (Opening)

introcuding us to your friends and  new customer order successfully can get bouners USD25.00

From Feb.20.2017. all the customers (ordered successfully before) introduce us to your friends or colleagues. and your friends or colleauges order loupes or light from our website successfully. the introducer can get USD25.00 bouners for each order. (introducer should email us and tell us the new custom name. and we will check that customer order successfully or not. if order successfully. the bouners will be send to the introducer soon), this promotion period will be end in March.30.2017.


2016 Christmas promotion season is closed. During this Period. ther are about 146 online orders. and among of the buyers. there are 14 become the lucky buyer. the get the full order amouont refund. the detail list is below. our after sales department will contact them and deal with the refund within 3 days. everone will get one email, once you received the email, please give us your responce for confirmation within 3 days. and then full order amount will be refund to your account.

Congratulations to all the lucky buyer. we sincerely do hope that you can introduce us to your friends or colleague.

the luck buyer list below:





2016 Christmas Season promotion  (Nov.29 to Dec.31) CLOSED!


 dental loupes surgical loupes christmas season

During Nov.29 (0:00) 2016  -- Dec.31(24:00) 2016 (New York time). some promotions itmes are free shipping charge with lower price than before. all the successe order (submitted and paid successful) have opportunity to get full order free charge,10% orders (for examples, during this time, there are total 200 orders, and 20 orders will be full free charge).during this period have chance to get full order free charge, the lucky buyer's name and order number will be shown on our website on June.02.2017, and then the payment will be refund

the special itmes link (free charge)is :

1. TTL loupes (custom dental surgical loupes, not include the bybrid TTL loupes))


2. TTL lloupes with light  and Flip Up loupe with light



all above items will be free shipping charge during the promotions period. and all the order during the promotions period have chance to get full order free charge (the order amount will be refund .we will list the lucky buyer name and order number. and then contact buyer, and then refund the payment to buyers)



usually Promotions Terms

Nnormally, our website price is the best price. and you can find that order different quantity has different discount for one items.  if your order amount is more than USD1500.00 (For one order amount, different itmes is accetable). we accept the shipping charrge free as promotions terms.

this promotions is aviliable for the buyers from :

(1)North American (USA,CANADA),  


(3)Singpore, Japan,HK, South Korea,..

If you order amount (one order )is more than USD1500.00, After place you order on our website, .and then click the "apply coupon code" on the checking out page.

 the coupon code will be shown on ,and when you check out,the shipping charge will be free.

Note: Only order amount is no less than USD1500.00. When you click the ."apply coupon code". the shipping charge will be free.



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Perfect loupes!!i have 3 pairs of them..excellent quality "


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