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mounting prescription lens for dental loupes surgical loupes

some user wear their own prescriptionl lens glasses. but when you wear the Binoculars loupes, of course also need the prescription lens correction their eyesight. in this way,.the loupes can be good work. or the working dsitance will be change a lot without the prescription les (correction lens)

as a professional optical manufaturer,we can mount the loupes according to your requirements. some of our loupes frames can be mounted prescription lens according to your requirements.

please chose the itmes  "mounting prescription lens".the prescription lens sheet will come out, and the fill your prescription data on. we will mount the prescription lens according to your requiremtnes.

notice: Below itmes can be mounted prescription lens

1.Flip Up loupes Ni-alloy Or Titanium fames or Sports frames

2. Noramal TTL loupes with sports frames Or Hybrid loupes


warm attention:

1.on our website,we only supply the single vision lens mountting service, if you want to mount bifocal lens or progressive lens, please contact hopkinwong@careoptical.cn

2.Normally, the prescription lens is Index: 1.56 hard coating and multi-coating high quality lens.

how to fill the prscription lens data sheet?

each blank should be filled,even has no data,please fill "o". and if you can't confrim how to fill that, please e-mail us your order details and e-mail us your eyesight measure reports.  
3.if you prescription lens (RX lens) is high power or high cylincer power (power is more than +/-6.00D. Of the cylincer is more than +/-2.00D). This kind of lens is custom made lens, the cost is high and need add some cost. if your prescription lens high power lens, after ordered, please contact the hopkinwong@careoptical.cn
4. before order, please confrim that the prescription lens is correct.


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