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Retun Policy

All of our products are covered by a 12-month warranty, for refund, replacement, and repair. after you receive the order within 14 days, if there are any original defects, please contact us. we accept returns for replace, exchange, 
Regarding custom-made TTL style or mounting Prescription lens items, accept returning for exchanging, repair or fixing within 14 days after receiving.

If you are drop-shipping, any product returns (and all the communications) will have to be handled through you, because you are Careoptical's customer. It is probably in your interests for the customer not to know about Cec and deal directly with you, for reasons of safeguarding your business.

In practice, you can discuss any return issue with us, and provide our return code and address to your customer. Then they can post a faulty item back to us in China and we can ship the replacement directly to them, without you having to handle any products. This is the most suitable solution when your customers are in different countries.

In terms of customer support and technical support for devices, the responsibility rests with the vendor, i.e. if you are drop-shipping. We will of course provide as much help to you as we can, and with technical questions, it may simply be a matter of relaying our information to your customers.