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PTFE Belts

we set a new factory produce high qilaity PTFE  transport belts. we produce different kinds of transport belts for fusing machines, drying machines and shrinking machines, such as Oshima,Kannegiesser, Meyer, Macpi,and many others.These belts are specifically engineered with the mechanical strength needed for the fusing and laminating industries. Its non-stick surface, thermal transfer and high temperature resistance characteristics ensure the flow of woven and non-woven materials through the fusing and lamination process.

Antistatic Fusing Belts
PTFE coated conveyor belts are often the belt of choice for machine manufacturers of fusing, laminating or powder coating lines due to the excellent extreme temperature resistance and non-stick properties the material offers.
Flatbed laminator systems are double belt presses with both in line heating and cooling sections. The materials that are laminated are often covered with a heat activated adhesive therefore the PTFE belt is an excellent choice due to its non stick properties. Also due to the high and low temperatures experienced immediately after each other within the process, the belts are well suited to handle this quick change in temperature.
Features / Benefits
The belts are usually supplied in antistatic black and are available in a number of thicknesses. Often supplied endless these belts can be fitted on site with specialist equipment if required
Material Properties
1) Smooth non stick PTFE coating
2) Temperature resistant from -73oc to plus 260oc
3) Antistatic properties
Additional Information
Antistatic PTFE glass cloth is usually offered in 0.25 & 0.37mm thick.
The joint is a smooth scarfed overlap type to prevent marking of the products.
Material is available up to 2600mm wide,
Antistatic PTFE glass cloth is usually offered in 0.25 & 0.37mm thick.

there are ifferent style:

1. Seamless (Endless) PTFE Transdport belts (no seam,no joint. this is custom made belts).


  2.PTFE Belt with seam.(there are different seam style) 

Transport belts with seam usually show a bad heat transfer at the seam.Moreover a seam may cause different tensions inside the belt structure and thus can reduce its lifetime. All these problems are avoided by using endless woven belt. but the cost is lower than Seamless belt. of course, this belst is also very strong and lifetime is long,but compare with the seamless belts, the stonger and lifetime is lower than seamless belst.

different seam methord.


and all the PTFE belsts has different guiding methor. can  be made according to buyer's requirements.





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