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How many styles dental loues surgial loupes in th market?

optical-world.com are professional optical products manufacture and focusing on producing high quality dental loupes surgical loupes.

Binocular loupe can be applied in different fields, such as dental , surgery, veterinarians, pet hospitals and other needs increase as the work environment. In addition to effectively increase as to improve the working field of the environment , but also effectively reduce occupational diseases such as cervical pain from occurring. Binocular magnifying glass has become a surgeon , dentist necessary equipment .

careoptical's quality binocular magnifier , using the German SHOTT glass , lenses coated multilayer antireflection coatings , magnifying glass , reasonable design, light weight, large field of view , depth of field length , professionally designed magnifying glass frame , light weight, mild high , wear comfortable.

Waterproof binocular loupe magnifying glass in addition to normal a little bit outside , increasing the professional waterproof design, the full meaning of this magnifier is waterproof , can be submerged in water and a magnifying glass but will not be damaged.

Kepler (Prismatic) Loupes professional optical system , multiple sets of high quality optical lenses ensure magnifier image clearer , more pixels , the use of multi-chip optical lens optical system , greater magnification , magnifier magnifying Galileo slightly heavier than the weight , but its excellent image quality and effectiveness , also welcomed by the users

TTL models are customized binocular loupe magnifier , its light weight , greater field of vision , because they belong to customized according to customer requirements to install, users do not need to make any adjustment , easier to use . Benefits such as these , making TTL loupe style became surgeon , dentist of choice. Division TTL binocular magnifying glass, is the market 's main product, compared with other companies TTL loupe , magnifying the Division I TTL lighter, better performance , more reasonable price . TTL models can install high quality magnifying glass , but also examine whether the supplier professionalism, excellent technology is one of the criteria .

In the past few years , CARE OPTICAL spirit of "quality first, customer first " principle , and continuously improve the product development capabilities , improve product quality, improving the user's shopping experience , providing technical support , after-sales service in the industry establish an excellent reputation . With the new professional one-stop shopping site www.optical-world.com on the line, the convenience of the majority of several surgeons , dentists , dental students , veterinary convenient to buy high-quality, reasonably priced binocular magnifier .


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