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Which fields the binoculars loupes can be used in ?

The binocualrs loupes can be used in many fields, normally, dentistry and surgery should use this products. And some other fields also can use this high quality loupes.


Many dentists use loupes to better scrutinize the entities within their patients' mouths in order to make a better diagnosis, for example, to determine how far a crack proceeds along the surface of a tooth. Loupes are also used in order to perform on a more precise level; while dentists drill teeth on a millimeter scale, magnification can enlarge the dentists' view of the teeth, perhaps making it easier to inspect teeth for decay and/or see things that ordinarily would not be seen without magnification.

2.Surgery and  plastic sugery

Surgeons in many specialties commonly use loupes when doing surgery on delicate structures. The Loupes used by surgeons are mounted in the lenses of glasses and are custom made for the individual surgeon, taking into account their corrected vision, interpupillary distance and desired focal distance. Multiple magnification powers are available


The loupe (hand lens) is a vital geological field tool used to identify small mineral crystals and structures in rocks, because the binoculars loupes is high quality optics, it also can be used in this fields, and it can be hand free.


Loupes are used by professional and amateur field biologists for help identifying species in field situations where a full-sized microscope is impractical, but the ability to observe small morphological characteristics is desired. Many floras  and diagnostic keys  for identifying plant or animal species recommend having a loupe at hand, because minute details like the presence of hairs, shapes of hairs and glands separate taxa.


Scientists in the Meteoritics and Planetary Science field as well as private collectors of meteorites use loupes as one of their primary tools in meteorite classification and study, and also for simple examination in the field during meteorite recovery.


Due to the extremely small size of many modern surface-mount components used in compact electronics, engineers often use a loupe to inspect the completed circuit board for manufacturing defects such as solder bridging and missing or misaligned components. While soldering or reworking surface-mount components by hand, a loupe is sometimes essential for identifying and aligning parts. Due to the ever-decreasing size of electronic components, the need for magnification is increasingly becoming a factor in circuit-building


Tattoo artists use loupes to inspect the quality of their needle tips. They do this to ensure the least amount of damage possible to the skin surface.

8.Numismatists and coin collectors

Loupes are an essential tool in both numismatics, the study of currency, and the related practice of Coin Collection. Coin collectors frequently employ loupes for better evaluation of the quality of their coins, since identifying surface wear is vital when attempting to classify the grade of a coin. Uncirculated coins (coins without wear) can command a substantial premium over coins with slight wear. This wear cannot always be seen with the naked eye. Numismatists can also employ loupes to identify some counterfeit coins that would pass a naked-eye visual inspection.

9.Philatelists and stamp collectors

Stamp collectors employ loupes to improve their ability to evaluate the quality of their stamps. Identifying surface, adhesive, and perforation is vital when attempting to classify the grade of a stamp. Mint stamps (stamps without wear) can command a substantial premium over stamps with slight wear. This wear cannot always be seen with the naked eye. Practitioners of philately, the study of postage and revenue stamps, also employ loupes to identify counterfeit stamps that would pass naked-eye inspections

10. Other fileds need magnifier.

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